Construction Services

Omega Finishing Solutions


Omega Finishing Solutions is here to make your dream home a reality. Our certified home remodeling professionals will not only get the job done correctly and on time, but will also respect your home.

Omega Finishing Solutions

New Custom Home Building

We’re setting new benchmarks as we deliver what modern families want: well thought-out floorplans, features that make life easier and great homes in a great location. Omega specializes in multi-family and semi detached homes.

Omega Finishing Solutions

Commercial Building

We are the company to call whether you need interior or exterior construction, new construction, commercial concrete work or any type of commercial renovation.

Omega Finishing Solutions


Omega Finishing Solutions provides rezoning and subdividing services. So whether you are developing a new home or an individualized office building, we are prepared to provide.

Omega Finishing Solutions

Development Specialists

We’re specialists in basement, garage suite, and infill development. We work together with out clients through the entire process to create the most ideal outcome for any project.

We have maintained a 100% clean certificate of possession rate

Our Values


Staying within budget.


Keeping on schedule.


Providing the highest level of quality.